About VisualWright

Visual Wright is the wizard behind the curtain. From flawless image creation that bends the perception of reality, to digital creations, and animations we transform the impossible into the possible.  

Visual Wright delivers innovative products that make clients say, “how did they do that?”, by turning ideas into solutions and deliver advertising creative that truly catches the eye.

How do they do that?  

Visual Wright is an industry leader in CGI, 3D, Image Creation, and Motion. We believe in removing limitations to what is possible. With over 30 years of creative studio leadership and a passionate team of full-time in-house talent we have the skill and imagination push creative boundaries.

Visual Wright is an advertising creative studio that makes it happen.

Bill Scheffler is the Studio Director and Lead Artist of Visual Wright; a multi-disciplinary creative studio in the heart of the Chicago Loop.

Bill began his career as an illustrator and retoucher. Today, he is one of the most highly sought-after, seasoned artists in the Chicagoland area by top companies and ad agencies for his precision and attention to detail. With over 30 years of innovative and award-winning expertise in visual effects and product engineering, Visual Wright has launched ground-breaking projects including a billboard-mounted sundial with precision timing for McDonald’s, and the first ever simulated rainbow with display system to accurately replicate refraction and dispersion of light by water droplets using advanced hydro-engineering.

As lead artist at Visual Wright, Bill oversees a team of artists who collaborate with clients worldwide to help them execute even the most fantastical visions in an artistic, efficient, and often unconventional way. He oversees his studio’s advancement in technological innovation, including expertise in CGI and 360 videos.

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