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Our Work

Dimension is the unique advantage in working with VisualWright. Nimble workflow and attention to detail allow for a seamless transition from concept to completion across multiple platforms, including broadcast, mobile, web, tablet and print. All under one roof, with total control and efficiency.

Image Creation

At VisualWright, you’ll find us bending, breaking and making new rules; we call it image creation. Our artists specialize in retouching, illustration and CGI, providing our clients with a one-stop-shop for maximum results in visual artistry and efficiency in production.



Our artists aim to stretch the limits in creating believable 3D models and environments previously limited only by the imagination. We’ve always challenged standards, and along the way have developed our own powerful toolkit that includes an in-house 3D scanner and unique high dynamic range imaging (HDRI) camera to capture all visual data and lighting information in a 3D environment. Add to this a package of advanced programs, VisualWright is able to produce complete environments and fully rendered images that are simple to export and versatile across all applications.



With digital advertising, our team understands you have a split second to capture your audience’s attention. From concept to execution, we create ads that capture and retain the interest of viewers. So whether you need a website built, an animated banner ad, or an eblast, let the VisualWright team use smarts and style to ensure it’s effective.


Bring us your vision and let us set it in motion, from storyboard to final cut. We set no limits when thinking about a motion project. We are composers who continuously explore the interplay of the technical and the artistic.


We are artists, skilled in blending illustration, photography, retouching and CGI. Innovation and problem solving are in our DNA. We breathe life and possibility into what sometimes starts as simply a conversation or a scribble. Our team has the technical skills to handle the complexities of interactive media, so you can concentrate on the value of your message.  We take complex challenges and present timely solutions that work across all platforms and budgets.


Want to bounce an idea off of us? Learn more about our work? Grab a drink (or doughnut!)? We’d love to hear from you!

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